The Indie Design Festival

The inspiration for the SLC IndieWalk was from a past event called the outdoor SLC Fashion Stroll, created by Matt Monson (2007 through 2008). The IndieWalk intends to rejuvenate that same idea and continue the legacy of great design in the amazing Salt Lake City. This years walk will take place August 21st of 2015 at Mod-a-go-go Downtown, SLC.

Festival vendors will be allowed to sell to the public during the day and later that night, the show will begin. Viewers will be dazzled by the beautiful local design talent walking the runway. The fashion show will consist of three different sections:

The DesignerWalk – a themed competition for our local indie designers and students.

The IndieWalk – an open show for anyone wanting to simply participate without competing.


Please visit the drop-down menu for specific entry fees, times and dates pertaining to each event. SLC IndieWalk is free to the public.

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